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The Leisures

The Leisures is a company of people who love to travel. We are not your regular travel agency, we are travel consultants. We will listen to you and based on our first-hand knowledge and experience, we will make your holiday a great one and not just a good trip.

We design personalized tailor-made holidays and tours for travelers around the globe and go all-out to deliver a memorable holiday experience.

The Chief

Founder of The Leisures, Sugunaraj was bitten by the travel bug 10 years ago, has been part of the travel industry for many years, gaining experience in various fields and travelled extensively within the sub continent, Asia, Australia, Middle-east and Europe. Through the years, he has gained extensive knowledge of destinations, creating multi-centre tailor-made itineraries. He enjoys the outdoors, wildlife, photography, driving holidays, meeting people and experiencing other cultures. What could possibly combine all these varied interests....travel of course!

J J Exports & Preetham International

Health is the foundation for our life. Being healthy gives us a long and happy life. Even though health is so important, we don't give it right priority or take the right steps to maintain it in our lives. This is reason why we fall victim to various diseases and suffer from the consequences of it. One of the very important steps to take in being healthy is to eat healthy and nutritious food. If the food we consume is healthy and nutritious, we can live a very happy and healthy life.

People living in cities often don't get access to healthy food including vegetables, greens, fruits, etc. Vegetables and greens available in the cities are often grown in an unhealthy manner using various chemical substances, including chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. We often spend lot of money to get these vegetables and greens, and instead of getting healthier we are often getting just the opposite.

Do you want to harvest fresh vegetables and greens organically?

Do want to feed your children chemical fertilizers, pesticide and heavy metals free food supplements? Do you want an oxygen rich chamber at your house to refresh?

Do you need a place to distress, love and care to overcome you and your elder's anxiety?

No open terrace? Don't worry, you have another option to enjoy the above easy grow bags in your veranda, kitchen or any other place, where you get sunlight.

If yes is your answer, all it requires in your open terrace and keep the a Midas touch from 'J J EASY GROW

Grow bags that contain both coir pith and coco chips have excellent draining and air-holding capacities. The most important factor here is the radiation during the crop. In countries where the planting of vegetables starts with a lack of sunshine, there will not be too much assimilation, so little irrigation is needed. However, this will result in an EC increase in the grow bag and a relatively wet substrate, which is not favorable to plant growth. What you need here is drainage. A coarser material in the grow bag would suit this purpose, since it will not remain too wet and it helps to maintain a good vegetative-generative balance.

Gen4 Equipments

Gen4 is the first largest intelligent equipment operator of tools for riding instead of walk in india, integrating production, sales, and service. Based on the global market, Gen4 adopts advanced aerospace technology, integrates global excellent resources, devotes itself to promoting the concepts of high-quality life as well as changing human's life style, and provides individual's short-distance, 10~20 kilometers, ride instead if walking with the most excellent solutions.

Equipped with powerful advantages of resource and research and development, Gen4 is in the lead of the same industry from design and production to promotion. The marketing team is formed by a number of domestic famous experts in the industry and experienced managers. The research and development team all have education background of bachelor and above and the core research and development members are formed by doctors graduated from Japan University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other first rate famous schools. They are experienced in research and development, for having undertaken the research and development and accomplished a number of technology projects held by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, etc, possessing more than a dozen of robotics inventions and utility model patents, they are in the international leading position in the technology security and control field of self-balancing car. The Gen4 intelligent transportation robot is evidently characterized by time, no pollution emission, wholly electric driven, highly fit the advocated direction of energy conservation and emission reduction of the contemporary era, high utilization rate, broad universality, and all-round applicable for life assistance and entertainment travel.

Dream Holidays

Are you looking for Europe group tour packages? If yes, you are at the right platform. Dream Holidays Offers All type Europe Tour Packages at unbeatable prices. Established in year 1998, the company offers services in all spheres of travel and tourism including inbound as well as outbound tours. Having our corporate office in Chennai, we have our overseas Agents all over situated in Russia, Europe and Switzerland. Recognized as one of the leading sales agents in India for outstanding Accor hospitality i.e. Europe's leading hotel chain, our holiday tours are accredited by IATA, IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators), TAFI (Travel Agent Federation of India) and TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India). Along with offering its own customized scheduled Europe group tours, we ensure the delivery of timely personalized services in accord to the tour itinerary attached. Equip by a wide base of well known clientele from all over the globe.

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