Dear All 

I have Submitted this review to reliable paper to share my real time experience  with them .

I am a Lecturer in a college was looking for a extra income , were in I came to Reliable Paper Pvt
Ltd,It is almost a year that I am with this team I feel like there are one of my family members they
have always guided me from the day one till date ,my wife is taking care of the business and I am
doing the marketing part ,we do have buyback with reliable papers but I get more income when I do
my own marketing and the plates are in good demand that it is very easy to do the marketing
maybe for the first five days we had to go for marketing now they just call us and we supply the
goods .The quality of the machine is good as it is a hydraulic press no need to do hard work.

Thanks for my family members ( Reliable Team)

Maini Maran 



I would like to thank all my friends who have given the feedback about Reliable paper ,it was really help full for me to decided before buying the machine ,As Mr.Sham said even I was also thinking why they are not giving any client reference ,later even I had enquired little bit about the company and decided to start the unit ,After few months told them  that if any new clients ask for reference please give my number I shall guide them but after few day I called them and told not to give my number to any client, we get calls in  un time, and sometime people force us to allow .Yes before investing on the machine the fear is  their you just have to trust them and go head ,the only one thing which I trusted was this is a pvt ltd company and I am happy with their service .


Sorry for not providing email id and mobile number .

Sham sundar

Wanted to share my experience with peoples who are willing to do a new business from home ,it has been 3 months that I have started this business ,first month we could manufacture only 2 tons now we are able to do 6 tons per month spending a time of about 10hrs per day average income but satisfying my family need, able to earn about 40 k per month, Reliable paper team is very good experienced peoples who has the knowledge of machinery and marketing  as they are the direct manufactures the machine is well design with problem less ,good in handling the customer requirement ,till date I am giving all my finished good to them and getting my payments on time ,The only thing which was hitting me before buying the machine was why do they not give any reference of the client but after starting the business I am able to feel the reason why they are not giving the reference of the clients ,it really irritates us when the customer keep visiting the house we feel like our privacy is not there and some customer ask so many questions that we feel like denying them.But still am ready to support to the beginers in mail. Anyway good job Reliable Paper keep it up ALL MY BEST WISHES TO THE TEAM.



sathiya bama

I would really want to share my experience and bring to the notice of the public like how I got into a big problem by mistake for not choosing the right company; I can to Reliable paper for the first time when I started to search for the business but I still wanted to know and see lot of others also when I visited other company the cost of the machine was lesser than what reliable quoted me and reliable person told that we need to buy all the size die as per material but the other company said, you can work with one die itself  I decided to go with that company because the cost of the machine was less and in my budget ,they gave me the machine with 6” die and I purchased 3 ton of material, but when the material was delivered it was white tetra I approached the company they said not to worry we will  take the finished product ,before buying the machine I in fact asked if I need to buy any other die they said not necessary you can manufacture with  6 “ later when you have money you can buy the other die . I started production just after three days my machine had a problem I tried calling them many time they say the mechanic  has to come he gone for other service or the other reason  it took almost one month passed away following ,then later approached Reliable paper for help they sent the person to my location very next day in spite of not their machine ,there was some spare parts problem and they replaced the same with reasonable price for my machine ,the person who saw the material asked me why have you bought white tetra this cannot be marketed  in Tamil nadu  market and you have wasted lot of paper by doing 6 “ plates when I calculate also double the material was waste because I cut 6” size .i was really into a shock ,later approached the company and told that I have finished the production and want to send the material, from that day they are not picking the call when I tried visiting their office they have closed the shop,when enquired nearby they said some problem with a person and who complained at near by police station for not refunded some payment ,this is the problem with enterprise company they just move on I tried selling in the market fist question was what size ? next what material is this? no body was ready to purchase .Later approached reliable and told the issues they really helped me by selling my material to kerala after that I bought one more machine from reliable Paper as my other machine use to have one or the other problem every time .I made a mistake by not choosing the right company and I would like to share my experience so that public does not carry away with discounts from other company especially   -----------------------enterprises.





Hello iam janardhanan from chennai ,Reliable paper Mr.Karthick requested me to give a feed back about their company , We are doing this paper plate business with reliable paper from long time after my retirement I decided not to sit ideal but to start a small business and started paper plate business ,I am very much satisfied with this people they give all the service on time like materials, payment etc. As we cannot visit their office regularly but still I can do all my necessary over phone they are kind and very helpful.

All the best for their future

With regards


Lakshmi Enterprises

I was working for a private company all of a sudden I had to quit my job due to personal reason when we came across with this paper plate business I was little bit worried about operating the machine but when we saw the demo in their office we were ready to start up the business, as the machine is a hydraulic machine and a simple technical work it is not hard for ladies to work in it and it is so compacted that we can start the business from home.

Lakshmi Enterprises
Vellore-Tamil Nadu 


I am the first customer of Reliable Paper when they were starting the paper plate business ,they openly told that you would be our first customer if you purchase the machine but we promise you to give the best service as they have experience in service industry, I blindly trusted them and took the machine ,now I am running with 10 machine of paper plate and one paper cup machine with a manpower of 15 peoples, My company was started from my home as a small scale and now I am running a industry level business Thanks to Reliable Paper


Karthikeyan Raju

We came to this company seeing an ad in OLX asking for a business with nil idea about business ,they really gave me a lot of ideas about the business and now we are running our own business of paper cup Machine ,they are taking the finished product as buyback, but when I told them we would like to do the marketing they helped us a lot ,now we have purchased a imported paper cup machine to enlarge our business our business is running successfully but the help of Reliable paper staff.Thanks for all your support

Karthikeyan Raju
ka*********@gmail.com Note: Removed Email id as per our client request  

Fransis Arul Raj

I was looking for a business to start for my wife as we had a small kid she could not go out for work we came across with lot of peoples in Chennai dealing with paper plates we found a person called G*****,T****** I****** he told us the cost of machine as 2 lakhs we paid him an advance of 1.5 lakhs ,he promised us to deliver the machine within 15 days but after a month also we got only reasons but not the machine ,we somehow took back the money from him and didn't know where to reach ,when we came across Reliable paper we went and met them directly we told the whole story but could not trust and pay the money because we struggled a lot to get back the money from G***** and these peoples were telling the cost of the machine as 1,05,000/- which was very less compared to others ,we paid a small amount as an advance and they had promised to deliver the machine in 15 days ,but for my surprise we got the machine within 10 days ,I am very satisfied with Reliable Paper and would suggest to buy the machine with this company and they would give the materials also at the best in the market.

Fransis Arul Raj

Venkateswaran S

My name is venkatesh when I was searching for a new business i found this paper plate business but when I started enquiring about this there were lot of peoples who got cheated by this paper plate like peoples were telling they would not take the finished plates, they would reject the plates so on, when i deeply went into it I found that the customer were telling about Dona machine which is from Delhi ,when I approached the bank for loan even they had the same words to say ,I was little bit worried but still made my mind to start by hearing of karthick ,he gave me lot of confident in me .but after we started I must say till date I have not faced any problem with the machine or with buy back so I have renewed my agreement again with Reliable paper.

Thanks & regards

Hema Nair

I had enquired lot of business like candle business, dona machine, online data entry and so on ,but when I visited Chennai and saw the demo of paper plate machine It was really interesting and wanted to start it as soon as possible, I always would like to know more new things and new business network with good income also ,I found this was the right business but I was from kerala and reliable paper office was at Chennai which had a second thought only for that but decided to take the risk and stared the business ,I started the business and also marketing for the plates even though they had buyback I wanted to do marketing so that I could earn more ,they would keep two rupee difference than the market price as per Chennai but in kerala you can sell the plates in much better rate ,I do manufacture different shapes of plates also to attract the market ,Thanks for all the support from Reliable Team.

Hema Nair

Praveen Aminbhavi

Starting a business you really need to take care of things like investment, risk factor and right person to deal with, I think we have done the right choice of person to deal with Reliable paper.
We are from Bangalore and we are running the paper plate business successfully from 2013,Initially we faced some problem for transporting of raw materials and finished goods ,after that we take a bulk of raw materials and keep it in stock so we could save a lot of money in transport as well as no shortage of materials and we sourced some buyers to sell the finished paper plates,Now We have 2 units of machine double die still sometimes we cannot supply the requirement in the market. Paper plate business is a evergreen product which will never go down in the market so investing in this business that to with Reliable Paper is a good idea as per me.

Praveen Aminbhavi

Shalini K

I am shalini after my studies i have searched for lot of jobs but for my luck whatever offer was coming maybe salary was less or not as per my type of job .One of my friend told me to look into business as we were from a middle class family investing for business was little difficult ,then thought of just trying and searched for the business can be done in small investment at home, we came across with so many traders and other companies,but was much satisfied with Reliable paper being they are the manufacturers for machines and direct importers for Raw materials ,i have said the fact to them that i cannot invest more on business they told me to approach bank for loan to start the business and also helped me with the documents for the same .I got the loan and started the business now I am proudly telling to all my relatives and friends that I AM A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMEN because of my parents blessing and support of Reliable Paper and my hard work too.

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